About The Responsible Trader

The Responsible Trader a.k.a “Ninjatrader919” is a Professional Financial Management Executive, CPA,MBA, presently engaged in Accounting and Management Consultancy. In addition, he also trades the Philippine stock market and has attained a level of trading knowledge and experience that puts him in a position to help other traders and people who are seeking to increase their knowledge about financial literacy and financial independence.

He believes that no matter whatever level of trading knowledge and experience one attains, it is always best to consider one’s self  as a newbie.  Based on this belief, he considers himself a newbie and will forever remain a newbie throughout his lifetime.  This way he will always be open to new ideas, new learnings, new knowledge and  new experiences to enable  him to  continuously grow not only as a trader but also  as a person.


He conceptualized his advocacy after he himself personally experienced what new traders usually undergo in the early part of their trading activities or career — how they are taken advantaged of by the so-called gurus and experts in the stock market and led to be slaughtered.  When he conceptualized his advocacy he was  thinking only about the Philippine stock market.  After coming out in social media and receiving an overwhelming positive response, he now believes his advocacy is universal and applies not only to Trading but also to Investment in whatever forms.

GOD has blessed him abundantly in all areas of his life  – a happy and healthy family, good family relationships, a successful career in the corporate world and other spiritual and material blessings.   This is his way of paying HIM  forward.

He invites you to join him and for you also to invite others for a continuous journey together to become Responsible Traders.