Just Reminiscing – My Ode to CAL (Calata Corporation)

CAL has shown signs of  stirring back to life and has brought back old memories again.

This is from a post I made last August 25, 2012 in my home, Stock Market Pilipinas (www.stockmarketpilipinas.com)


If it is of any consolation to those who are in the same situation, almost 20% of my trading account is still IPIT (locked up) in CAL. My Portfolio consists of 80% Blues, 20% Speculatives. In spite of my knowledge and experience, naisahan pa din ako (the stock has put one over me). I won three rounds with CAL and on the fourth round (I told myself that it was going to be the final round) I made sure that it was safe to enter the trade – confirmed by a break in Resistance and non-continuation of a Three Falling Methods. Seeing all these positive signals, I entered the trade with all my gains plus 18% of my Trading Account. Then I left for a very important meeting and when I came back –- BOOM – the rest is history.  (The price went to a high of P22.00 and then a low of P12.00.  I was not able to take profits and neither was I able to cut my loss).

I spent last week’s long weekend enjoying myself with my family and tried to completely drop all thoughts about trading. However, the thought of my ipit in CAL kept bugging me so I attacked it by doing a play of words on CAL. It is called punning – making fun of myself and laughing at my misadventure.

Whenever I find myself over engaging my left brain, doing lots of logical and analytical thinking (which sometimes get me stuck in paralysis by analysis) I shift to my right brain mode and allow my mind to do no-holds-barred, creative, imaginative thinking. Please bear with me as I share with you one product of that wild process.

I dedicate this to my fellow ipits (those also locked up), we all have our reasons for being so – caught unawares, attended a very important meeting, went to the CR, etc, etc) . For me no excuses, as a Responsible Trader I take full responsibility for the result of all my trades.


Hindi ito bashing, hindi rin ito hyping
Nais ko lang mag-express ng aking feeling
Sa isang stock tumawag sa aking pansin
Na patuloy pa ring bumibihag sa akin.

Ang CAL nagsimula bilang J Melvins Trading
Small business sa CALaCAL, supplies for rice growing
Lumaki at lumago, thought of expanding
Capital increase through public offering.

Ang CAL during the first day of trading
Below IPO price ang kanyang opening
Ang kanyang performance very disappointing
At the end of the day, dropped like a bad pudding.

Biglang sumipa pataas sa 4th day of trading
18 Per cent increase agad siya sa closing
Ang stock na dati ay hindi pinapansin
Nagkaroon agad ng great following.

Marami ang sumakay sa upward nyang trending
20 Per cent gain, everyday sa closing
Dinaig na lahat blue chips na hawak namin
Sa CALigayan maraming nalasing.

Lahat nagulat sa 10th day of trading
Bumulusok pababa without any reasoning
Kabi-kabila, nagkaron ng panic selling
Nahulog sa trap ng mga jocking magagaling.

Dito natapos ang dalang CALigayahan
Biglang nagwakas, napalitan ng CALungkutan
Mga traders na naghangad kita ay madagdagan
Naubos ang tubo, capital pa ay naCALtasan.

Ang CAL sometimes defy charting
Ang break resistance nya’t avoid 3 methods falling
Akala ko safe at perfect set up for trading
Siya pala namang magpapahamak sa akin.

Oh CAL ano ang iyong kahihinatnan
Patutunguhan mo sa amin laging palaisipan
Sisisibat ka ba ulit parang jet sa CALawakan
O bubulusok sa basura at amin nang ka-CALimutan.

Dito na po nagtatapos aking storytelling
Sana naibsan ko ang inyong worrying
Sabi nga nila laughter is the best medicine
I pray to your success in all of your trading.

NOTE: To my English readers, my apologies.  If I do an English translation the rhyme and the essence will be lost in the process.  Kindly use your Translators if you want to understand all the Filipino words I used.


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