Responsible Trading – BOH VS. TAP (Process vs. Instinct)

Responsible Trading – BOH VS. TAP  (Process vs. Instinct)



BOH VS. TAP (Process vs.Instinct) (Both Groups and their Leaders are Superstars in their own right, so arrangement is ALPHABETICAL not necessarily in ORDER OF IMPORTANCE to avoid any Billing Problem).

As the Responsible Trader, I have often been asked. BOH VS. TAP (Process vs.Instinct)  WHICH SIDE AM I ON?

Before I answer that question let me share with you my experience when I had my first grandson (the one you see when I  am posting pictures to promote my book).  When he was born and was brought to my daughter for the first time, my daughter offered her breast to him for breastfeeding.  The infant without being told, without being taught, INSTINCTIVELY opened his mouth and suck at my daughters nipple to have  his first taste of life-giving human milk.  As he grew up, when exposed to bright light, he INSTINCTIVELY closed his eyes to avoid the glare and prevent it from harming his very delicate organ.  As he grew up his INSTINCTS turned into PROCESS.  Even at an early age, he has already developed a regular routine to sustain his life and avoid any life-threatening object to protect his life and limb.




I have already posted this on my wall, so please allow me to quote verbatim (Just replace the word SYSTEMS with PROCESS)

“SYSTEMS VS. INSTINCT.We do not intend to offend anyone. As Responsible Traders, we always try to present a balanced view as much as we can.

Please do not allow yourselves to get caught into a Systems vs. Instinct Dilemma. It is a mental trap. You need everything to be a successful trader. The picture summarizes what we are saying.


Elements of Successful Trading


The ones in Red (Proper Order Execution, Proper Risk Management, Technical Knowledge and Market Knowledge) you can learn from books and seminars. The ones in Blue (Confidence, Frame of Mind and Discipline) you have to bring out from yourselves and the ones in Yellow (Experience and Instinct) is the ultimate result.


Please take note that this is a continuous cycle and the process goes on and on until you have attained the level in the Learning Ladder of Trading that you have set for yourselves.


Strive for independent thinking, not blind following. The sooner you do it, the better for your trading account.”




I am not  a member of BOH but I am a membr of BARBER’S TALES. Based on my understanding, BARBER’S TALES  is their FREE VERSION and BOH is their PAY-PER-VIEW VERSION.  I am a member  of  TAP and based on my observation both their leaders, Jiego Mojica of BOH and Tony Herbosa of TAP are both very passionate and are willing to put their honor and reputation at stake for whatever  they both believe in.


I have already attended one of TAP’s Seminars given by Tony Herbosa when BPI conducted a seminar on Active Trading. Both Tony and Roy were present during the seminar and I have seen and heard that they know their craft very well.


I have not attended a  BOH Seminar so I wanted to find out what I can learn from them. I have seen Jiego Mojica actively promoting BOH in BooKAKA News Service and when he hit the 500 mark (since we are both Contributors in BooKAKA) I expressed my intention to join BOH to find out what it really is. I requested to be BOH Member No. 919 and told Jiego to notify me for payment instructions when the time comes.   After discussing the implications, (we are both Contributors of BooKAKA and there might come a time, if I am already a BOH member, that I might share some things on my own but might be construed as coming originally from BOH)  Jiego and I both decided that it might not be a good idea after all. Nothing personal on my not being accepted. Just a precaution to avoid possible conflict of interest in the future.


I like Tony  as a person, but I do not like his ACT OF HYPING some stocks. I like Jiego as a person, but I do not like his ACT OF ARROGANCE sometimes. I consider both as my friends. I apologize to both if my statements seem offensive to them.  You see, I like both of them as a person but they have some ACTS which do not appeal to  me.   Please do not get me wrong. The Responsible Trader is NOT AN ANGEL.  Like all of you, I also have my good and bad points.

It is my dream to meet both Jiego and Tony to  have some chat and share points of view over a cup of coffee or a few bottle of beers. Perhaps I can bring them together someday so we can discuss how we can all cooperate and work together to bring  Philippine trading to a more professional level.


The Responsible Trader is a member of almost all the trading groups in Facebook. All groups together with the list of their Leaders and Admins will be duly acknowledged in  my forthcoming book “The Responsible Trader – a Thinking Person’s Guide for Trading the Philippine Stock Market.”   for giving us the opportunity to share our materials and learn from each other. Our sharing and learning with these groups have enhanced our knowledge and understanding of how the Philippine stock market really works and operates.


Going back to the question – BOH VS. TAP which side AM I ON?   As a chessplayer I like to think ten moves ahead. I have already made my decision long time ago and that is NEITHER.  Both have good points, they represent  part of the complete whole and The Responsible Trader will always be ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH.


Have a blessed and happy weekend everyone.


  • Nice read. I am a member of TAP also and I agree with you sir regarding hyping on the group but never been a victim of it. TA/FA was still my tools on trading. Not a member of BOH because it’s not free 🙂 lm looking forward on your book sir.

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Roel,

      Thanks. It’s always good to be aware of the good and bad points of each group so that you can maximize the information they provide for your trading advantage. Thank you for your interest in my book. It is coming out first week of December 2015. God Bless.

      Best regards,


  • nice explanation, very enlightening, thanks TRT.

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Carding,

      Thanks. I am glad you like it. I just want to present a balanced and unbiased view of the two groups. God Bless.

      Best regards,


  • Thanks for these comparisons Sir Fred. Helps me more in my reading fb posts and decision-making on my own. I love reading charts of different chartists so as to enhance my technical analytical skills. Also, reading fresh news and emphasized news on fb posts always remind me of every price movement has a fundamental reason. Open-mindedness is an attitude of a responsible trader. =)

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for being one of the staunch supporters of my advocacy, Responsible Trading.

      I am glad to hear about your growth and development as a Responsible Trader. Trading is a personal thing and you should always use what is best for you without any boundaries, without any limitations, without any prejudices or bias. God Bless.

      Best regards,


  • Good observation between the 2 groups – TAP & BOH.

    I find your stock analyses very fair.

    Keep it up!

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Technimentalist Trader,

      Thank you for visiting our website. Thank you too for your favorable feedback and comments. I am also impressed by the way you analyze and present matters in your website. I see value in what you write. Please join us in BooKAKA ( where we have more FACTS less HYPE. I am sure it will give your website more mileage and coverage. God Bless.

      Best regards,


  • Nice to bring this up. A defensive but a bullish play ….Sicilian play(chess)….combative yet guarded…1 move ahead is all i need provided i did it right the first time…both groups create market sentiments and rhythm that others are unaware of. Hope other traders can discern and know what are true, fake and false.

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Roy,

      Thank you for your kind words and positive comments. In Chess and in Trading I am more of a Situational Player. I play based on the opportunities offered by the situation. If the position does not offer any attacking opportunities, I play positional chess. If I have a preponderance in material or space advantage, I go for the attack.

      As I see it now, the situation between the two groups is a stalemate. The message of my article is reconciliation because both have very good points so there is no need to be for or against and should pave the way for cooperation to raise Philippine trading to a more professional level.

      Best regards,


  • I always like it when you say “The Responsible Trader will always be ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH”. 🙂

    I seldom read blog articles, but it got my attention (I just found this post in IGAN. ( ) and I may say that this is a good read.

    I met Jiego in MakeTrade Free seminar promoting BoH. I just did not introduce myself. Hehehe… 🙂

    Keep posting good articles and insights Sir Fred. God bless!

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi IGAN Gayward,

      Thank you for your kind words and for visiting our website. Please feel free to visit anytime.

      The message of my article is reconciliation so there is no point between the two groups to be for or against Process or Instinct because both
      are just parts of a whole as I have fully illustrated and proven in my examples. I believe that trading is a personal thing so everyone is free
      to use whatever suits him best. When i said I WILL ALWAYS BE ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH it means using whatever is best for my trading without any
      boundaries, without any limitations, without any prejudices or bias.

      Best regards,


  • Hi! where can I learn more about BOH?

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Kyziah,

      BOH is led by Jiego Mojica and he is a Premium Contributor in BooKAKA ( just like me. Please visit the site so you can learn more about them.

      Best regards,


  • I have been your admirer since I bought your book, “The Responsible Trader”. Now, that admiration has been affirmed when I read this for the first time. You see, I was trying to grope for light, because these past few months, there was darkness in fb groups. Why darkness? Because there is the absence of truth. Half truths can and should never be accepted as true. Intertwined members of different stock market fb groups have succumbed to the lure of greed, to the instant fame offered by pride and to feeling of invincibility because of sheer arrogance. On Feb. 17th, Friday, I am 100% sure that many stock traders/investors turned stock market players got burned. When I read an e-mail from the chairman of COL Financial on his concern about how the stockmarket traders/investors behaved as if they are in a casino (my interpretation), I felt certain that he knows that a lot of people are losing their money in stock market with this kind of behavior. I, too, was in a certain way, lured into playing, but I knew when to stop. I knew my limits. Those who lost their hard earned money, small or huge, whether realized or not (paper loss) must be banging their heads for reading those hypes and seeing posts of instant gains that woke the greed, pride and feeling of invincibility in them. And the hypers will only say, I told you, “tayor” and “caveat”.

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Malen,

      Thank you for the kind words. I also saw your PM but for some reason or another I am being prevented to respond to it.

      I am always for the TRUTH NO MATTER HOW IT HURTS. This was my guiding principle when I wrote the article BOH vs. TAP. Some people from both groups might have been hurt when I wrote the article but since I was asked my position about those two groups I did not mince my words.

      Lately,it is sad to see in social media that even those who are supposed to provide good guidance are now trying to extol “get rich quick schemes” by claiming that they are able to predict big moves and all people have to do is subscribe to them without encouraging them to study. This has fostered the “casino mentality” in the stock market.

      For my part, I remain true to my advocacy, Responsible Trading. Through the book hopefully, we will be able to reach out to more traders and encourage them to be more responsible in their trades and raise the level of trading in the Philippines to a more professional level.

      Best regards,

  • Hello Sir Fred,

    Where can I get your book? Is it available in National Bookstores?

    • theresponsibletrader

      Hi Matt,

      The book is now available in selected branches of National Book Store:
      SM – Megamall
      SM – Shangri-la
      SM – Mall of Asia
      NBS – Glorietta

      SM City – Davao
      SM City – Cebu
      SM City – Iloilo
      NBS – KCC – Zamboanga

      You can also order directly from us. By return email, please provide your complete name, address and
      contact number so I can provide you with payment instructions.

      Best regards,


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