Responsible Trading – The Paradox of Giving

Basic Principle:  You cannot give what you don’t  have.  You cannot give kindness if you are not kind. You can’t give love, if you are not loving and you can’t give wisdom if you are not wise.


Many of us are afraid to give because of the belief that it diminishes what we have.  Logic dictates that if you take away 1 from 2 you are going to be left with 1 and that is a 50% reduction.   However, God’s mathematics defies man’s logic. In God’s mathematics 2 minus 1 is not necessarily 1.  Most often, it leads  to 1 being multiplied tenfold, sometimes a hundredfold.


Nature can offer us a lot of lessons if we only stay attuned to it.  The best lesson I can remember about the Paradox of Giving is the Tale of  the Two Seas. The Jordan River flows and nourishes two bodies of Water, The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

The Sea of Galilee is nourished by the Jordan River and is rich with most exotic flora and fauna. It is home to at least 20 different species of fish. In fact this sea has supported the lives of many for over two millennia because of the flourishing fisheries in the region and the good harvest of crops in the lands surrounding its waters.


The Dead Sea is also nourished by the Jordan River but has absolutely no life in it. It is one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth.  It is almost 9 times saltier than normal ocean water. It is this high density of salt which never allows even the slightest hint of marine flora or fauna to survive and flourish.

Dead Sea_FB

Two seas, receiving the same nourishment from the same source yet producing different results. What is the reason?

Although the Sea of Galilee is pretty small in comparison to the Dead Sea,  it teems with life and is vibrant and alive because it allows its waters to flow out.  This is what makes it so healthy, vibrant and brimming with life.  In contrast the Dead Sea never flows out.  It receives water from the Jordan River but keeps it all to itself.   It is so below the mean sea level that there is no outlet. Some amount of water of course gets evaporated leaving the salts behind, and in the process creates the dead, most uninhabitable environment.


When I started sharing the MCTA lessons on trading and offered it for free,  it was done without expecting anything in return.  I just wanted to help others so they would not suffer the same fate  I had with unscrupulous stock market operators.   My only dilemma was how to convince my readers to take the lessons since the title of the course itself,  “Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis”, is already intimidating.  This led me to creating The Responsible Trader’s YouTube Channel  where I uploaded the TRT-POV (The Responsible Trader’s Point of View) to simplify the lessons and make it easily understandable.  By doing so, I got a lot of friends on Facebook and I consider this as part of my blessings.  Furthermore, by doing the  TRT-POV, I had to listen to the videos once again not only once but several times to make sure that I really have a complete grasp of the topics discussed to enable me to simplify the lessons.  In addition, I had to read some more on the topics to make sure that my knowledge is complete.  So you see, the more I shared, the more I learned.  Incidentally, I will continue sharing the rest of the lessons starting tomorrow, January 17, 2015.


When you give unselfishly, blessings come in innumerable forms. When my account was converted into a page, I had to rebuild the list of my friends again from scratch.  In doing so, I had to send out invites.  In the process I not only restored the list but added more friends as I also received so many invites in return.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your immediate response to my request.

One of the best blessings I received this year, is complete ownership of the name “The Responsible Trader.”  As I was browsing the net, I saw the following:

My Copy Cat_Finally Gave Up_FB

The one who copied me and started ahead of me in using the name, The Responsible Trader has finally given up.  This cleared the last hurdle from publishing my book.  I certainly do not want to be involved in any legal squabble later on about ownership of  brand names.


The more we give, the more we receive.  God designed all of us to be a channel not a hoarder of blessings.  We have been blessed so that we can be a blessing to others.  Let us be like the Sea of Galilee so that everything around us will likewise be nourished and vibrate with positive energy and life.
Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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