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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Imitation is the sincerest  form of flattery and I am flattered that while browsing the net somebody has already copied my name “The Responsible Trader” and even “The Responsible Traders Creed” which I have posted on my thread “The Responsible Trader” in Stock Market Pilipinas (, although he was also kind enough to acknowledge the source.   Imitation is the […]

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Responsible Trading – Part 1 – My Advocacy

Responsible Trading, my Advocacy, means Practicing Self Discipline, Continuously Educating Yourself, Protecting your Capital at all Times and Taking Full Responsibility for your Trading Results. I envision an improved Philippine Stock Market where every trader is empowered , properly educated and properly protected. As I have posted on the thread “Spyfrat’s Call” on, where my idea was first conceptualized: […]

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